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How it Looks.

Contemporary Coastal Design

Our modern coastal designs are both stylish and comfortable. Floor to ceiling windows give a spacious feel and outdoor views.

Modular Homes

Create your dream ADU

With a wide variety of options and finishes, design the ADU that will make you happy. Our selections will enhance the value of your property and wow those who visit.

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How it Feels

Cozy Yet Modern

We build ADUs we want to live in. We want your loved ones or tenants to feel at home.

How the

Cedar Team Adds Value

Our objective is to add value to you and your property. Let’s see what we can guarantee.

ADU Renter Help

Our teams extensive background in real estate and property management will allow us to give you a helping hand at finding a renter if needed.

More than anything here at Cedar we want to make sure your trust and investment in us pays off with good returns and an opportunity to supplement your income.

Neighbor Friendly Quiet Build

Our process of construction is quick and calculated. Our site work will generally take 2 - 3 weeks for foundation and utilities.

However after that phase, it is smooth sailing from there. We deliver our panels and can build the entire structure of our units in several weeks.

No need to dread unending months of construction in your backyard. After the structure goes up the majority of our work is in the interior.

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The Most Eco-Friendly ADU on the Market

The panels we use to build your ADU aim to provide greater energy efficiency, create no waste, and contain no harmful chemicals. We can confidently say we are:

  • 30% Recycled Content
  • Fully Recyclable
  • 40% More Energy Efficient