Start Your New Year Right With a New ADU Project

Start Your New Year Right With a New ADU Project

The time for your new ADU project is now! Why not start this year differently, by building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?

If you’re like most other people, you see the New year as an opportunity to do something differently. Since the passage of time offers us a new beginning every 360-ish days, many of us feel compelled to take it and make good use of it.

That’s why many people make New Year’s resolutions. It’s an excellent way to vocalize or just conceptualize our own intentions. What’s more, it’s also an opportunity to make the start of the new chapter in our lives hopeful and optimistic.

It’s also the time of many new projects. Now, if you’re struggling to decide which project to devote your time and energy to (not to mention your money), may we suggest a real estate project?

Turning your single-family home property into a multi-dwelling one might be just what you need in 2022. Perhaps you have a family member who’s in need of housing or would like to become a landlord. Or, maybe you’d like to have more space during your workdays and not have to work on the kitchen counter? 

The reasons to build an ADU are many. But let’s see what the reasons to do it now are, shall we?

Do Your Part For the Community

As mentioned, we often mark new beginnings with decisions that are basically our way of improving ourselves. Some of us promise to be more kind in the upcoming year; others commit to being more social, while some make resolutions about giving back to the community.

If one of your decisions this year was to be more mindful about the environment or to help tackle some social issues, building an ADU can actually help you honor those decisions.

Environmentally Friendly

The carbon footprint of building an entire house is huge. Such a project emits around 80 tons of CO2, on average. 

Now, that might not mean much to you now. But let’s put it like this — an average Californian household has a yearly carbon footprint of around 44 tons of CO2. So, clearly, building a house will significantly increase your annual carbon footprint.

adus are environmentally friendly

But, any general contractor could have told you that. What you might not know is that ADUs can slash that new-construction carbon footprint. So, if you’re looking to do your part in fighting climate change, consider building an ADU instead of something else. 

Because ADUs are extremely energy efficient (both in use and during construction), they can cut down the lifetime CO2 emissions by 40%.

And Socially Conscious

That’s not all, of course. ADUs can be the tools of social change in more ways than one. As you’re probably well aware, California is facing the biggest housing crisis ever. With high prices and not enough houses on the market, California is second only to Hawaii when it comes to housing issues due to high prices. 

As we’ve mentioned many times before, ADUs can lend a helping hand when it comes to resolving (or at least alleviating) the affordable housing crisis in California. They are an excellent affordable solution that would offer housing opportunities to low or middle-income people, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford rent (at the Californian prices).

ADUs can be the tools of social change in more ways than one

We’re not the only ones who figured that out, of course. The government of California did as well, which is why it did everything it could to expedite the process of getting permits and make building ADUs as simple as possible.

So, if you’re looking for a way to honor your resolutions of contributing more to your community, you can do so by building an ADU. Of course, we’re not saying that’s a revolutionary or a completely altruistic move. After all, ADUs come with many benefits that have nothing to do with improving the community but everything to do with improving your quality of life.

Excellent Value for Money (ROI)

ADU projects aren’t cheap. After all, you’re building a whole new tiny house in your backyard. However, they are worth the investment. 

ADUs offer amazing ROI. Depending on how big your new unit will be and what you plan on doing with it, you might make some good money on it. However, even if you don’t plan on renting your new ADU, you’ll still be able to get your return on investment. 

Since ADUs are becoming increasingly more popular, your property value will increase once you add a second unit to it. That will make reselling it easier. Not to mention more lucrative.

Low-Interest Rates And Easier Financing

Low-Interest Rates And Easier Financing

Of course, just because something is a good investment doesn’t mean it’s accessible to all. However, thanks to the changes that the government of California is making in order to make it easier for homeowners to build new ADUs or legalize old ones (such as the California ADU amnesty program), ADUs are now more accessible than before. The development and impact fees are lower, and the permit process now only takes 60 days.

However, more importantly, securing ADU financing is easier than ever. With interest rates being as low as they were in the past 20 or so years, financing an ADU isn’t as tricky or unattainable as it might have been in the previous couple of decades. 

Prepare for the Next Holiday Season Now

Having an ADU means always having that extra space you desperately need during the holidays. Since one holiday season is just behind us, you probably remember that you caught yourself wishing for more space at least once, right? 

Maybe an unexpected family friend came over to visit, and you found yourself regretting not having the space to have them stay over and wishing you did that garage conversion you’ve been thinking about for years.

ADUs offer more livable space with the much-needed privacy, making having guests over less stressful and more enjoyable. ADUs are essentially private accommodations that allow you to have relatives or friends stay over without having your daily routine or your privacy compromised. That’s something you’d especially value during the holidays when you find yourself in desperate need of some me-time amidst all the socializing.

Or for the Next Year of Work

Of course, you won’t just build an ADU to have extra space for the holidays. Sure, having a guest house is nice, but you can also build an ADU for yourself. You can use it as a home office to get that “going to the office” feeling that might improve your productivity without making you actually go to the office.

Plan for Retirement (Yours Or Someone Else’s)

Since ADUs are secondary units that sit next to primary single-family homes, people often use them to house family members. Now, that can mean a lot of things:

  • Instead of spending money on an assisted living facility, you can use your ADU as a granny flat and move your parents in. Similarly, you can also use ADUs as mother-in-law units and move in your in-laws. An ADU offers both independence and proximity to both you and your elderly relatives, which is an amazing benefit.
good time for new adu project
  • You can also use your ADU to move in your boomerang kids. The number of adult children moving back in with their parents skyrocketed during the pandemic. So, having a place for your offspring might be a good idea.
  • ADUs can also be a place for you to age in place. Is your house is becoming too big for you? Well, you can rent it out or have your adult children move into it. Meanwhile, you can settle yourself into a much smaller and much more manageable ADU.

ADUs Are Only Going to Get More Popular, So Get Yours at Cedar Dwellings!

There are many reasons to start your new year with a new project. 

First of all, winter is the perfect time to build an ADU. The contractors have more availability. That means that your project won’t take as long as it would have in the warmer months. Furthermore, winter building might also get you better rates and a more personal approach.

The Cedar Dwellings team works year-round, so if you need a builder for your new winter project, we’re your crew! Building an ADU in your backyard will:

  • Give you more usable space
  • Provide an opportunity to work from home more comfortably
  • Give you enough space for visiting friends and family
  • Increase your property value
  • Provide extra income
  • Give you an opportunity to contribute to the social change that’s necessary for California 

Cedar Dwellings offers turn-key solutions that are Scandinavian-inspired but still true to the Californian spirit. Our units vary in size of the sleeping and living area. Still, they all have that signature Cedar ADU design that will turn your backyard into an oasis of tranquility and prosperity.