Need More Space for the Holidays? Build an ADU!

Need More Space for the Holidays? Build an ADU!

We all want to be closer to our family and need more space for the holidays. That’s why having a backyard cottage where they can stay is a perfect idea.

Every year when the holiday season approaches, most of us go into a planning frenzy. Where to spend the holidays, who will travel and who will host, who will prepare which dish — these are the questions usually on everyone’s minds. 

Of course, 2020 and 2021 were a bit different than previous years. The global pandemic changed everything when it hit and, even two years later, we’re all still adjusting. 

Some things changed for the better. For example, 2020 saw 36,000 more animals adopted than 2019. However, we also saw an increase in the average time a person spends scrolling through their phone and, of course, a decline in socializing.

having an adu during holidays is amazing

People generally don’t do well when they can’t socialize, which is why the pandemic hit all of us so hard (among other things). That’s especially true during the holiday season. As the end of the year draws near, we want to be close to our family members, even only to have someone to argue with on Thanksgiving day or over the Christmas Eve dinner. 

But managing to actually see your family over the holidays isn’t as easy as planning this year’s color scheme for our Christmas tree. However, it can be made easier if you have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in your yard.

ADUs: the Best Solution if you Need More Space for the Holidays

Over the past two years, we’ve adjusted to the fact that we constantly have to rearrange our living space. We had to make it versatile, whether we wanted to or not, because we couldn’t go anywhere. In an attempt to hold onto a semblance of normalcy, we created nooks and crannies in our single-family homes that serve as offices, gyms, guest spaces, date night spots, etc.

Because more and more people were getting creative when it came to adapting spaces, the number of ADUs also grew. After all, they were the perfect solutions to many problems the pandemic created. 

If you needed a bit of space to claim as your own to separate yourself from the frenzy of daily life and work in peace, you could retreat to the ADU. Similarly, if you needed space for guests, returning adult kids, or in-laws, you had it. 

If you had a friend who’s down on their luck because they lost their job due to the pandemic, much like approximately 9.6 million workers in the United States, you could offer them a fully functional space instead of just offering your guest room.

So, it seems that granny flats came in handy to many people during the pandemic. But they are even more helpful during the holiday season because:

  • They are a safer option for visiting relatives
  • ADUs are more comfortable than hotel rooms and provide more space
  • They provide an opportunity for your guests to be close by while also having their privacy (as well as you having your own)
  • You can offer a comfortable stay as a gift to your loved ones
  • They allow for more extended visits
  • They are the perfect space to store all your holiday stuff

It’s Safer

Over 60% of Americans will travel during the holiday season. To put that into perspective, it means that over 161 million Americans will be on the move during late November and December. That’s a lot of people!

Considering the state of the world and the global pandemic, traveling is more dangerous and stressful than ever. Travel anxiety is at an all-time high during this time of the year because traveling during the holidays, even at the best of times, means exposing yourself to the unexpected and living with uncertainty.

Now, while ADUs can’t help with the actual stress of traveling, they can make the situation more tolerable. How? 

Well, at the end of the (probably long) travel, your loved ones won’t rest their heads far away from you in a bleak hotel room. Instead, they’ll be staying in a cozy apartment that’s attached to your house or sits just a few yards away.

adu is the best solution if you need more space for the holidays

That cozy apartment will also have your personal touches in it. Perhaps you’ll hang up some festive holiday decorations as well. All of that will make the whole trip more pleasant and homely. 

Not to mention, should the worst happen, ADUs are also an ideal space for self-isolation. Of course, no one wants to think about the possibility of spending the holidays isolated from everybody. Worrying about potential test results is no one’s perfect Christmas. 

However, if it does come to that, having your loved one who’s potentially sick close by and comfortable is a huge help. Even if you think that you don’t need more space for the holidays, an ADU turned out to be very useful during pandemic.

It’s Comfortable

People rarely feel at home anywhere other than, well, home. And, no matter how close you are with your family, they’ll probably always feel like guests in your house. They’ll use your living room as they would their own, but they won’t put their feet on the table. They’ll use up all the hot water, but they won’t leave wet towels on the floor.

Staying in an ADU rather than in the main house would make their stay more comfortable for them (and for you). 

First of all, although an ADU is a small space, it’s still bigger than a hotel room would be (not to mention your guest room). Not to mention, it has amenities that a hotel room could never offer. 

The floor space of an ADU is small, but it’s well designed. Therefore, your guests would have a whole house to themselves and all the conveniences a tiny house has to offer.

dwelling units make so much sense when family comes to visit

Furthermore, providing a designated space to your guests means they could potentially stay longer. 

A survey showed that an average person could only last three hours with their extended family members before they need a moment for themselves. After those three hours, tensions run higher, and the probability of getting into an argument gets exponentially higher. But the fight will never happen if both you and your guests have your own spaces to retreat to and take a moment for yourselves.

An ADU, therefore, offers a chance for your relatives to stay with you a bit longer than they usually would. And, with 42% of workers now working from home, they can even extend their visit until after the holiday season is over. That will cut their travel expenses since plane tickets are less costly then.

It Offers More Privacy

If you’re expecting guests for the holidays, you’ve probably already planned how their visit is going to go. You know how long they’ll stay, what you’ll do to fill the time, which presents Santa Claus left under the tree for them, etc.

But if you’re looking to make their holiday season a treat, you should give them the gift of privacy. 

cedar dwellings offers several units to fit your needs

Spending a lot of time with other people can be stressful. You’re constantly trying to be on your best behavior. That means you can’t act like you normally would because you think someone is always watching. They aren’t, by the way, but it’s normal to think they are.

If you have an ADU for your family to stay in, you’ll allow both them and yourself more privacy while having them be near you. It means it will be easier for all of you to relax and have quality time together.

It’s Extra Space (And Storage)

During the holidays, many of us find that we lack space. No matter how big your home is, when all the Christmas decorations come out and all the relatives come pouring in, most of us find that any piece of real estate is too small.

Since an ADU’s primary purpose is to provide extra livable space, you’ll find it extremely handy during the holiday season. 

With an ADU, you can:

  • host a bigger family holiday (since more people can fit onto your property)
  • provide a comfortable stay for all your guests
  • have enough space for all their things (as well as gifts)
  • have a space where you’ll hide the holiday presents until the time is right (or change into the Santa costume to surprise the young ones)
  • pack away all your holiday decorations once the festive season is over

Need More Space for the Holidays? Cedar Dwellings Will Make Your Holiday Season Easier

Is the holiday season a source of stress or joy for you? Either way, starting an ADU project can only make it better. ADUs are the perfect solution if you need more space for the holidays. Dwelling units work best for visiting relatives because they provide enough space, comfort, and privacy to everyone. 

They make holiday trips less stressful and more relaxed, and that’s what holidays should look like! Not to mention, they also lessen the pandemic-induced travel anxiety.

And if you think it’s too late to start building an ADU in your backyard, think again. Winter is actually the perfect time to start your project. Our turn-key solutions are assembled lighting-fast and with zero construction waste. 

Our construction teams are full of experts, which means you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll do everything for you and leave you to plan the next holiday season in blissful peace. 

If that sounds like a good plan, give us a call. Let’s start working on your ADU project right away!