Do You Need A Home Office Space? Consider Building an ADU!

Do You Need A Home Office Space? Consider Building an ADU!

Have you ever considered building a backyard office? Having an accessory dwelling unit in your backyard means you’d have a dedicated home office space. That could potentially help you navigate working from home because:

  • having a separate working space increases the work-life balance
  • it increases productivity
  • it makes working from home even more comfortable
building an adu can make working from home much easer and more comfortable

As we know, there are many faces of ADUs. At their very core, accessory dwelling units are versatile. These backyard studios can become pretty much anything. 

So, if you need a home office, consider a home office ADU. After all, even if you go back to the office, you can always turn your ADU into something else (they make excellent in-laws units or guest houses).

Home Office Space | Working From Home: Then vs. Now

Working from home was a dream of many people. Before 2020 struck us like a freight train, we all dreamed about not having to waste time getting ready in the mornings and commuting to work. With Americans spending only 5% of their time working from home, staying in and not having to go to the office was a dream come true.

Then, offices and workplaces shut down without any warning or time for preparation. We had to figure out the “new normal” all by ourselves.

Well, we weren’t really alone. Before the pandemic, around 20% of the workforce worked from home. At the very end of the year, approximately 71% of workers were doing their jobs from the comfort of their humble abodes. Out of those, 54% said they would prefer to keep it that way, the Pew Research study says.

The pandemic changed our lives in more ways than one. But it also showed us that we were right in thinking that we don’t have to actually go into the office to get our work done. It seems that the corporate saying “That meeting could have been an email.” has some merit after all.

However, switching from office to home work left many people having to figure out where they’d actually set up their new offices. Thus began the modern battle for counter space, desks, and spare rooms.

Not to mention, working from home brought with it some unique struggles.

How to Know When It’s Time for a Dedicated Working Space

Do you have a dedicated working space in your single-family home? Then you might be wondering if you’d even benefit from a backyard office shed or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). After all, you quite enjoy waking up in the morning and propping your laptop on your knees right then and there, right?

Sure, that’s a lovely thing to picture (no early morning alarms for you!). But it’s also not a sustainable way of working. You probably noticed a few things already. Your productivity might be tanking, or you feel like you can’t escape work.

The WFH Struggles

WFH employees report that:

  • They get distracted more easily – when you’re working in your bedroom or kitchen, you have more things to be distracted by. You see those dishes you left in the sink last night, and you know the laundry’s been piling up for a while. Before you know it, you find yourself tidying up instead of doing your tasks.
home office space is important and building an adu in your backyard can help
  • Socializing is very difficult — not only do you have no one to talk to (in a way you could in a traditional office), but it’s also hard to build a rapport with your coworkers. Those who started new jobs during the pandemic find that they don’t feel like a part of the team.
  • It’s difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance — when you work from home, you might feel as if you’re constantly online. Not being able to unplug and leave work means you end up working more hours than you would in an office. That would be fine if you were actually as productive as you would be were you spending those hours in the office. However, you aren’t. So, what you’re essentially left with is having more hours and fewer tasks finished.

If any of these words hit close to home for you, it might be time to create a designated office space. Having one means you won’t get as distracted, and you’ll be able to physically leave it when your working hours are done.

In-House Home Office vs. a Home Office ADU

Although having an in-house home office might offer similar benefits as a studio shed ADU would, accessory dwelling units make for much better home offices.

An in-house home office is a separate bedroom or a space that you use for work. It has amazing benefits primarily because it means you don’t have to use the kitchen counter to do your job. However, because it’s still within your house, that type of office means that you’ll still get distracted (or interrupted) while you work.

A detached ADU is a home office space that is separate from your home. Having one means you have somewhere to go in the morning and get your work done without any interruptions. 

If you’ve ever had to mute a Zoom call because your pet has been raging through the house or because your kids have been a tad too noisy (and nosy), then you get the advantages a tiny house in your backyard can offer.

Why Build a Backyard Office

ADUs are also known as granny flats or in-laws suites. Now, that might not align with your idea of a home office, but the truth of the matter is that ADUs are versatile and have more pros than cons. They can be anything you want them to be — housing units for relatives, rental spaces, guest houses, and, of course, home offices.

So, as mentioned, if needed, you can always turn your backyard office into a rental unit (to help with the affordable housing crisis and give yourself a bit of an extra income) or a guest house.

adu can be used as a home office space

However, in terms of working from home, building an ADU is a smart move for many reasons:

  • it can increase productivity
  • ADU creates a dedicated working space
  • which can lead to less stress
  • and better work-life balance
  • having such an office makes you seem more professional
  • there’s no commute

It’s also worth mentioning that detached ADUs make excellent home offices for small companies. They are bigger than any in-house home office would be. Therefore, there’s enough space for more than one person. Furthermore, they have a kitchen and a bathroom within them. So, they make for excellent out-of-office offices for small teams.

Increased Productivity

Many employers were worried about their companies when the pandemic struck. First of all, it affected all businesses. However, it also changed the way we work and manage our workers. When you’re in the office, your superiors have a direct line of sight (even when they don’t). That means they can control and oversee what you’re working on and when you’re doing it.

The prospect of letting everyone work from home (on their couches, in their PJs) was scary for many managers because they were scared it would tank productivity. In reality, people are 47% more productive when they work from home. Some studies even show that working from home can increase productivity by up to 77% because people do more work in less time.

For that productivity to hit an all-time high, however, managers had to learn how to back off and let their workers work on their own, and employees had to learn to navigate working from home.

Doing that is much easier with a separate home office. Not to mention, a dedicated working space means fewer interruptions. You’ll be able to do your work in a more relaxed manner, which will lower the overall work-related stress.

Better Work-Life Balance

having an home office space is crucial if you want to be concentrated and do more work in less time

Working from home means that you’re always bringing work home with you. What’s more, you’re also basically letting it overtake your entire house. Having a separate working space, like a backyard cottage you’ll use as a home office, means that you’ll be able to make a clean separation between work and life.

Finish the work and than leave your home office space. Furthermore, you’ll actually use the hours you save on the commute time. You can use them however you like! Spending time with your family, socializing, or focusing on yourself. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Ready to Build a Home Office Space in Your Backyard? Call Cedar!

Are you starting to see the appeal of a backyard home office? Are you considering building an ADU on your property?

Here at Cedar, we’re intimately familiar with the importance of having a separate office space. What’s more, we provide designs and solutions that are versatile and adaptable. That means that, with our plans, your home office ADU can easily become a guest house or even a pool house in a year or two.

Our turn-key solutions mean we’ll deal with everything instead of you. We know all the state laws, have the best contractors, and offer the most eco-friendly solutions on the market. So give us a call today, and let’s start building you a backyard office that will put your home office to shame!