Cedar looks for long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships.

The Cedar team has craftsmen with over 30 years experience in partnering with contractors, subcontractors and consultants throughout California. While we work with trusted subcontractors and consultants, we are always open and excited to meet and work with other contractors. 

Our team is looking for long-term relationships that benefits us, our partners and customers.

What Cedar Looks for in a Partner:

  1. Share our core values of respect, good spirit, integrity and accountability. 
  2. Best value to us and our customers. 
  3. Execute well, efficiently and with great care.

What Cedar Can Offer:

  1. We offer dependable and predicable scopes of work so we move quicker and with more predictable profitability.
  2. Swift and timely payment of invoices.
  3. Professional team and site preparation on schedule ready for you to get your work started without any mess or hassle.  
People working at construction site

Let's Work Together