Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote affordable and beautiful dwellings to support families and communities.

Our Story

It all started in the summer of 2020.

COVID was rampant. California was facing an unprecedented crunch in the housing supply. Lawmakers alleviated the burden of building Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”, “in-law suites”, “casitas”, or “granny flats”).

Having lived in ADUs ourselves, we wanted to provide sleek units for those looking for affordable housing in great locations. We wanted to provide affordable housing for our generation. We wanted to provide homes for the elderly seeking comfort with families. We wanted to provide a source of passive rental income and increased property values to home owners.

However, when we look around, we saw ADUs were still too expensive or generally unattractive. They took too long to build. Customer service and process was mediocre. Customers were left to figure out permitting on their own.

We wanted to change all of that. So we banded together, through our network, a team with nearly a century of experience in construction, project management, design, surveying, renovations, and engineering on this journey into the future of housing.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of California and unique Scandinavian modernity and design, Cedar was born to bring beautiful ADUs to the market and impact our communities in a meaningful way.

Here at Cedar we strive to:

  • Deliver stunning, modern backyard homes at an incredible value.

  • Manage the whole process, from start to finish with a focus on transparency and communication. No stress for our customer.

  • Maximize ROI with insightful data and a clear approach to increased profitability.
  • Achieve true, “value efficient” sustainability by utilizing cutting-edge, energy efficient technology.

  • Give back in every community.

Benefits of working with us

Lightning Fast Assembly

  • Innovative building system
  • Expert contractors on every job
  • Master checklist, nothing falls through

Net Zero Energy-Efficient

  • No construction waste with our panels
  • Exceeds California energy standards
  • 40% more energy-efficient

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Financing Help

  • Introduction to our lending partners
  • HELOC, construction, and refinance
  • Calculate your ROI

One Stop ADU Shop

  • We manage the entire process from start to finish
  • Receive a personal login to see updates & progress
  • We solve problems!